Wednesday, January 18, 2012



I've been in kind of a funk

Christmas was great

But, totally different than years past

We had moved

The kids were in school

We didn't have a church to call home


A church is not a place

It's not a building with beautiful stained glass windows

It's not necessary that it even have a steeple

It doesn't have to have pews or a center isle

A church IS people!!!

People who love Jesus

People who understand the Bible to be TRUTH

People who love people

People who believe there is power in prayer

People who love to worship with hearts and voices lifted in song

People who understand extending grace to one another

There is not a perfect church


We as people are not perfect


Part of being a church is knowing there is ONE who is perfect

Living in a speck in the road

Has its drawbacks...

One of which could be finding one such church

But, not here

I think we found our church

Our place to be

I'm trusting that God has something special for the Ford's in 2012

It's part of finding Truth

His Truth

The Truth I'm working hard to build my house on


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