Thursday, January 5, 2012

tHe GeTtY...aNd PiCtUrEs

no one really likes a post without pictures
but thats just the way it has had to be lately

last night i went through my gabillion pictures

and found lots of house pictures

the plan is to sign the listing to sell today
i am so proud of this house

lots of blood, sweat, and many tears
have gone into her

shes beautiful

someday, i will post the kitchen rebuild

today, i want to remember how she was

and hold onto how she is today

i have prayed for the new owners

that they will be happy here

that they will love her

after buying and selling 8 houses

i am most proud of her

god has moved us on
he is doing something new with us
my hope is that he brings great new owners to getty

1 comment:

  1. And in the depths of its despair the Ford family rescued it.Im pretty sure we will always remember this one. Makes me sad to see it empty.